Blue Carbon.

The carbon stored naturally by our world's marine and coastal ecosystems. Fighting climate change at a pace 10x faster than regular trees and forests.

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How's it work?

Sea grasses, mangroves, and salt marshes along our coast capture and hold carbon, acting as a carbon sink. Most of the carbon taken up by these ecosystems is stored below ground where we can't see it. These coastal systems can sequester carbon at a much faster rate, and can continue to do so for decades.

Why's it important?

To fight the climate crisis, businesses are rapidly purchasing carbon credits to become carbon neutral. Global demand for carbon credits is projected to increase 15x and be worth up to $50 billion by 2030. Blue carbon credits – credits linked to carbon storage in coastal and marine ecosystems – have the potential to become the most lucrative and profitable projects saving our planet.

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Our Team.

The Blue Carbon Collective is a community of like-minded professionals, engineers, and climate change enthusiasts looking to make an impact. We purse knowledge and initiates that can accelerate our mutal goal of protecting the planet from carbon emissions.